Yeah, that’s exactly what they wanted.
To freak out everybody.
To make everyone go ca-razy.
To make people wait anxiously for 4 months.
We know things will work out eventually, but we’re all going insane anyway.

You did it, writers.

Before I read any other comments and the well gets poisoned, here are my comments of the TBBT season finale:


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I feel better after reading this, thank you.

I feel like throwing up, I really do.

Alright, I’m crying already.


I’m not usually the type of person who writes unwanted captions to gifsets that aren’t mine, but I need to do it just this once.

Amy Farrah Fowler is a magnificent character because she’s not by any stretch of the imagination what society would consider attractive. She wears frumpy clothes that very often do not go well together and are at least two sizes bigger, but it has never been presented as something bad. She is confident in herself, she knows that she is beautiful without giving a crap about traditional beauty standards, she never ever resents Penny’s more traditional beauty (the fact that there is no jealousy whatsoever between the Besties is like my favourite thing about this friendship), because she has that confidence in herself.

And that is what makes her so attractive to Sheldon, as well as her brain, of course. Because Sheldon Cooper has such an inflated ego, of course the first and only woman he would ever call his girlfriend would have the same ego. It’s such a welcome change from all this “girl feels ugly and sad until boy loves her” crap we are fed every day in songs and movies and tv shows and commercials.

I love that this show is telling us that you can be an oddball among the oddballs and still not give a crap about other people’s judgement and that you should have your own standards for yourself and that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you as long as you know that you are beautiful inside out.



this literally gave me chills.

I’ve never hit the reblog button so fast in my life.








nobody hates justin bieber more than drake bell does

I’m going to be really sad the day I hear Drake Bell got attacked and murdered by feverish adolescent girls

No it’s cool they won’t hurt him. He invited them to do it once and

my fucking hero

i fucking love drake bell

Drake fucking bell people

Like if it was possible to love him even more